HCP Marketing Consultants Selected to Visit The White House to Discuss U.S. Economy

TAMPA, FL (March 15, 2012) Tampa-based Marketing firm HCP was selected to participate in a half-day discussion at the White House for Florida business leaders that will take place on Monday, March 19, 2012, co-hosted by the White House Business Council and Business Forward.

Over the past year, the White House Business Council has hosted over 500 meetings with business and civic leaders in all 50 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico. The half day event will cover a range of topics as they relate to the Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville business communities.

HCP Senior Strategist and Partner, Eric Polins, said, “We are honored to be one of the Florida-based businesses selected to visit The White House for an interactive dialogue about the economy and how the private sector and government can collaborate more effectively to build greater opportunities for the state of Florida”. In addition to Polins, Senior Strategist and Partner Sean Coniglio will also be attending the session on behalf of HCP.

The event includes an economic briefing, a discussion on job creation and business expansion, deep policy-specific discussions, partnering for action exercises and a networking session with Senior White House Administration Officials.

Recent past participants have included: Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett; Assistant to the President Michael Strautmanis; Gene Sperling, Director, National Economic Council; Nancy Ann Deparle, Deputy Chief of Staff to the President; Cass Sunstein, Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs; Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer to the President; Dr. Rebecca Blank, Under Secretary of Commerce; Greg Nelson, Deputy Director, White House Office of Public Engagement; Ari Matusiak, Executive Director of the White House Business Council.

For more information HCP, please visit https://www.hcpassociates.com or call 813.318.0565.

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