HCP to Launch Zen on the Green Golf Training Series at Upcoming PGA Show

Orlando, Fla. – (January 13, 2012) – Six months ago, former Martial Arts Champion and golf veteran, Arthur D’Agostino, contacted HCP to produce an interactive series of self-help golf videos that would utilize his 40 years of martial arts experience as a training tool out on the green.  Completed on schedule, HCP is launching the series at the upcoming PGA show in Orlando from January 25-28, 2012.
HCP Senior Strategist/Partner, Eric Polins said, “What separates Zen on the Green’s golf training program from the other 22,000 certified instructors from The United States Golf Teachers Federation is D’Agostino’s use of Zen meditation.

“Learning to master your mind’s ability to focus, and your body’s ability to perform and rise to the challenge with unshakeable confidence, are the essential elements to perfecting your game,” said D’Agostino.

HCP will is in the process of negotiating a dedicated golf veteran spokesperson for Zen on the Green, in addition to a full public relations and broadcast media campaign for national sales.

The series is also currently in the process of being converted into Mandarin Chinese for overseas sales in the Asian market.

To learn more about Zen on the Green, visit www.zenonthegreen.com or visit them at the PGA show in Orlando from January 25-28, 2012.  Arthur D’Agostino is also a featured speaker at the upcoming show.

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