Strategy and Planning

Using research as its foundation, HCP Associates will spend one-on-one time with clients to dissect and analyze every piece of information attained to produce a customized action plan for strategic growth that is both realistic and attainable.

Advertising Testing

Brand Development


A brand is what identifies your company, anchors you in your clients’ minds, and sets you apart from your competition. It is the first impression a prospective client perceives. Through research and strategy, HCP Associates will aid in developing a brand and position that is relevant to your product and service offering and speaks to your potential clientele. By developing a properly positioned brand, your target demographic will find it easier to relate to your corporate culture, decreasing buyer hesitation and increasing brand value and customer retention.


Business Evaluation and Executive Hiring


At HCP, we understand the complexities of business operations. For a company’s success, you need to have the right executive leadership team in place. Over the past 28 years, HCP Associates’ senior strategists have guided companies through various transition periods. In many cases, helping clients achieve their vision for the future entails hiring the appropriate leadership to take it there.

Based on the industry, ownership structure, expertise, planned exit strategies, and requirements of achieving the objectives, this process can be very complex. We understand how to help clients effectively launch a recruitment effort, working closely with executive management to help identify and attract potential new talent. Our expertise is in evaluating talent in the sales, marketing, interactive, and management arenas. We can assess business objectives against the existing organizational structure and current talent in place while providing recommendations aligned with the company’s planned performance metrics moving forward. We provide a wide range of hiring solutions to best fit your needs, from developing job descriptions to creating advertising to screening applicants and coordinating interviews. At HCP Associates, we work diligently to find the ideal candidate that is the right fit for your organization.


Corporate Consulting


When approaching a change in structure, management, or function, many companies seek an unbiased outsider’s perspective. Over the years, HCP Associates has played that third-party, executive-level role via our corporate advising services.

This advising role has taken various shapes. Companies call upon HCP to facilitate:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Mergers
  • Expansions
  • Conflicts
  • Negotiations

Our years of experience and time-tested patience enable us to maintain a sense of calm and functional workflow throughout trying situations, which keeps your company operational throughout the transitional period—whatever that may be.

Customer Retention

Customer Retention


Understanding ways to improve your customer retention rate is essential for long-term growth and development. Solely focused on the immediate gains of new customers, many companies fail to recognize that it is usually more cost-effective to improve your existing network’s relationship. While recruiting new and valuable customers, at HCP Associates, we will work with you to improve your customer retention. This strategy will turn short-term gains into long-term growth!


Emerging Market Evaluation


While research is vital in determining potential markets for expansion, developing an implementation strategy is just as crucial. At HCP Associates, we will utilize our years of executive-level experience to evaluate the data of potential markets and determine which regions, territories, or industries are the most cost-effective for long-term growth and maximize your potential short-term revenue; this strategy will save you time and resources.

Competitive Research

Merger and Acquisition


In an age when mergers and acquisitions happen at a rapid pace, HCP Associates has the knowledge and experience to help companies through this process. HCP Associates has actively supported clients with:

  • Positioning companies for acquisition
  • Actively participating in negotiations on behalf of companies in the process of acquiring or being acquired.

HCP Associates facilitates the full process and outlines post-acquisition plans to ensure amicable results for a smooth transition.


Product and Service Development


Each year, HCP Associates is involved in developing new products and services for a wide range of clients. We understand that some of the most important product development characteristics are customer preference, cost, compatibility, and competition. Our experienced executive staff understands the process and intricacy involved in successfully bringing a new product or service to market.

HCP Associates provides a wide range of strategic services and helps clients identify and capitalize on new opportunities in the marketplace. Our experience includes introducing various regional and national products, including but not limited to the following:

  • Hardgoods
  • Food
  • Medical instruments
  • Technology products
  • Children’s toys
  • Not-for-profit organizations

We draw upon our combined knowledge and experience in various categories to develop a program that will give your product a better chance to succeed in the marketplace.


Sales and Marketing Integration


Companies are constantly faced with the struggle between their sales and marketing departments, which oftentimes operate independently of one another. This results in inefficient marketing and wasted spending.

At HCP Associates, our executive team will analyze your company’s sales and marketing strategies and detail a method of integration that enables your team to function and support each other in a profitable and functional manner. When your material and marketing strategy supports your sales and buying cycles, you will be able to identify potential customers faster and shorten the sales cycle. Hence, HCP Associates will help create a balance in your sales and marketing strategy.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is the keystone to all research and marketing success. HCP Associates has a long history of taking companies above and beyond their initial expectations, which is done by developing a comprehensive strategic plan that offers short-term payoff with long-term success.

Utilizing research, our executive-level strategist will take the time to get to know your company’s ins and outs and develop a turnkey plan that will take you to the next level. Our “outsider” perspective enables us to view your company, as it should be, without prejudice, and analytically determine a course of action that will provide the best results. Our “team approach” ensures that the suggestions offered are not that of one individual but a combination derived from our diverse experience. This methodology provides a well-rounded course of action that will ensure the greatest probability to make your company grow.