HCP’s James Doulgeris’ Popular Physician’s Practice Blog Goes Weekly

HCP’s Senior Strategist for Health Care, James Doulgeris, has been writing a popular blog on hospital and practice management, marketing and health care issues for Physician’s Practices Magazine’s top rated Internet portal since December, 2011. Launched by one of 2012’s most read article and series, Managing Patient Expectations, Doulgeris is now a permanent member of PPM’s panel of health care experts. A new article is published each Thursday at www.physicianspractice.com.

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HCP’s Senior Strategist for Health Care Participates in Medical Device Roundtable

James Doulgeris, HCP’s Senior Strategist for Health Care, participated in the Tampa Bay Research and Innovation Center’s roundtable meeting on Medical Device Innovation held at USF Health’s CAMLS facility on March 29, 2012.

Doulgeris is the co-founder and has served as president and CEO of MinSurg International, which developed the first intermediate biological spine fusion device, which has helped tens of thousands of chronic back pain patients since 2007. Doulgeris also has or presently advises the boards of number of other medical device companies. He has also served in the role of president, CEO or on the board of hospitals, major medical practices, major allied health care providers and health care technology companies over the years.

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