Voices for Children of Tampa Bay Boosts Volunteerism

TAMPA, Fla. (October 24, 2013) /PRNewswire/ Volunteerism is booming, if you listen to the executives at Voices for Children of Tampa Bay (VFC).  The organization recently took a unique campaign route, breaking the statewide pattern of focusing solely on mission, and promoting the satisfaction of volunteering for such an important endeavor.

This approach has proven very effective. Executive Director Betsy Smith said, “The results are stunning! We have captured the attention of the community and have reinforced the satisfaction and appreciation achieved by our volunteers.”

VFC is the not-for-profit foundation that delivers volunteer support for Hillsborough County’s Guardian ad Litem program, providing advocacy for children in our court system.  The county has one of the largest and most professional programs in the state, but has historically been challenged to meet every need. Maintaining the routine plea for volunteers and financial support was suffering from the woes of a poor economy and significant pressure from other organizations.  Through a strategic planning process, the VFC board sought a new direction and turned to Tampa-based HCP Associates, to repackage their advocacy.

Over the last 10 months, media partners, high profile community leaders, judges, lawyers, and the volunteers have all participated in refocusing VFC’s effort, highlighting the quality people who step forward to help the children.  A multimedia campaign made possible by financial partners has spread the message and recruiters have been able to reach out to an increasingly informed community. If you live in Tampa Bay, odds you have seen or heard the new Voices for Children “VOLUNTEER” campaign!

According to management, the efforts are making a difference.  The requests for information have increased dramatically. The current volunteers have benefitted from community recognition of their commitment, and they have had a significant decline in volunteer turnover. After six months, the organization is making great strides in meeting the goal of having every child supported with volunteer assistance.

To learn more about how you can become a volunteer with Voices for Children of Tampa Bay, please visit us at www.vfcgal.org or call (813) 272-5110.

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