Custom Design Service and Manufacturing Corporation Hires HCP for Snapshot Research

TAMPA, Fla. (November 8, 2013) DG Morrison Inc., has hired HCP for a market snapshot to ultimately build a strategy that will optimize their operations and facilitate the sales process.

DG Morrison Inc. is a family-owned company based in Odessa, Florida. They provide custom design services, product manufacturing and printing for various industries, and have developed brands that cater specifically to various segments of their business.

The research process will involve a deep-dive into their current operations, from manufacturing to sales to customer service. There is significant competition within the space, making it critical to pinpoint unique positioning for the current product lines and identify new vertical markets for pursuit. Feedback gained from customer interviews will also help us better understand the reason for selection and the overall decision-making process.

The deliverable is to offer recommendations for short term improvements which lead to longer term strategic growth over the next 2-3 years.

For more information on the DG Morrison companies, visit their websites, Designer Golf, Site Essentials, and R3

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