The Tampa Downtown Partnership Employs HCP & Associates for University of Tampa Research Effort

Tampa, FL (October 1, 2008) – HCP & Associates has joined with The Tampa Downtown Partnership and the University of Tampa to initiate two research studies this fall. One of the studies will focus on University of Tampa (UT) students and the other, UT faculty and staff.

The intent of these research studies is to shed light on Downtown growth and development needs, as expressed by these pivotal groups, as well as to gather a broader understanding the future enhancements needed for Downtown Tampa. “University students play a major role in the success of the downtown area, through buying power, cultural diversity and workforce participation,” said Sean Coniglio, a managing partner of HCP & Associates.

The new studies will also serve as a continuation of research efforts conducted by HCP in early 2008. The previous work surveyed Downtown Tampa residents and its workforce, to gather opinions on the current offerings and future growth and development efforts that these individuals would like to see put forth by the city.

The UT studies will share some common elements with the previous resident and workforce studies, with questions catered specifically toward University faculty, staff and students. Paul Ayers of the TDP reiterated that, “These students are unique in that they represent potential future Downtown Tampa residents and workers, and their thoughts need to be heard.” These studies will help to give a voice to the faculty/staff and students of the University of Tampa.

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