Pinellas County Renews Citizen Research Contract with HCP

CLEARWATER, Fla. (January 17, 2014) Pinellas County has decided to continue its three-year relationship with HCP, renewing the firm’s contract for communication services and research support.

In 2011, HCP was contracted by the County to launch, analyze and report results for a telephonic survey that had been developed internally. The following year, the contract was expanded to include survey design and development as well as enhanced coordination with County departments to formulate content, report results and discuss how the results translate into actionable next steps.

Senior Research Manager Sarah Lindemuth stated, “We have enjoyed becoming an integral part of Pinellas County decision-making and are pleased to be able to translate citizen feedback. In the coming years we look to become even more engaged with County administrators and departments to support their goal of offering evidence-based service to its citizens.”

Pinellas County has made a concerted effort to integrate citizen sentiment into their decision-making. The statistically valid citizen surveys completed with HCP to date have facilitated budget decisions including fees for service and County service center location, and have also offered trending data regarding County service levels, quality of life, trust and confidence and general citizen sentiment.

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