Pinellas County Citizens Look Forward to a Prosperous Future

CLEARWATER, Fla. (March 15, 2018) This week, HCP presented findings from Pinellas County’s annual citizen survey. This was the eighth year HCP has conducted a citizen study for the county, and results point to a residential base that has an optimistic outlook towards the future.

Beginning in 2011, Pinellas County engaged HCP to conduct citizen research. The goal of the research was to gain a representative sampling of citizen feedback to support the county in delivering evidence-based support. Each year the telephonic survey is deployed to landlines and cell phones of residents throughout the county to gather pulse data on their quality of life, perceptions of the future, expectations for community characteristics, trust in the county government, and much more.

HCP Senior Research Director Sarah Lindemuth said, “Questions included in the survey align with main themes within the County’s strategic plan. As such, the results offer year-over feedback to the Commissioners as well as County staff regarding how they are moving the needle on these critical components of the overall strategic plan. Data indicates area where expectations of citizens are being met and areas where there is a need to more attention.”

Fielded in December of 2017, results from the telephonic survey revealed citizens uphold high levels of trust and confidence in their elected officials. Few plan to leave the county in the near future, a vast majority would recommend the County to others as a place to live, work, raise children and retire, and perceptions of current quality of life versus five years ago and expected quality of live five years from now have never been higher.

The study continues to point to areas of requested improvements by segments of the County population—namely traffic congestion and job availability. Traffic has consistently been a significant expectation gap since the baseline study, while job availability dissatisfaction has become less pronounced within the data set as a whole and tends to inversely correlate with age and education.

Commissioner Dave Eggers commented regarding job availability within the county, “There’s a real opportunity here to merge the needs for some companies to start backfilling positions with a group of people who have been frustrated by the job search or by high school graduates entering the workforce looking for a path. We’re getting a real statement from our residents that this is an area we can probably ramp up.”

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