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HCP Selected to Conduct Community Sentiment Study for HART

TAMPA, Fla. (Mar. 15, 2018) Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) has selected HCP to conduct the organization’s first community sentiment study. This announcement comes at the end of the request for proposal process initiated in December of 2017.

HART services nearly 1,000 square miles in Hillsborough county with several transportation options for over 40,000 daily riders. In recent years, programs launched by HART integrate new technology and alternative transportation modes to serve the public beyond the traditional mode that many associate with the organization—bus service.

As part of the engagement, HCP will develop survey instruments to gauge sentiments of key stakeholders throughout the community, users of the service, residents who have never used the service, and sporadic users alike, to get a handle on how these groups view the organization and the services it is currently providing. HCP will be working closely with HART leadership to plan, manage, execute, analyze and report.

Senior Research Director Sarah Lindemuth said, “HART is taking strides to offer the community new and innovative ways to move about. This effort will serve as a mirror of sorts, helping the organization understand how the community perceives its efforts. This insight will provide HART with quantifiable data that they can use to develop future action plans and understand benchmark sentiments for strategic planning purposes.”

The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) was created in October of 1979 to plan, finance, acquire, construct, operate and maintain mass transit facilities and supply transportation assistance in Hillsborough County. Today, the organization is driven to serve through convenient, affordable public transportation options tailored to contemporary lifestyles.