New York Times Hires HCP to Develop a Fall Creative Subscription Campaign

Tampa, Fla. (October 15, 2011) HCP was hired this fall to develop a subscription campaign for New York Times Regional Newspaper Group’s (NYTRNG’s) Lakeland Ledger and Herald-Tribune publications. The publications cater to the communities of Lakeland, Englewood, North Port, Lakewood Ranch, Manatee, Charlotte, Sarasota and Venice.

The HCP research team gathered snapshot research for the targeted geography, analyzing demographics and psychographics of the potential readers permanently residing within, as well as the snowbirds, who claim seasonal residence. The team additionally reviewed prior campaigns launched by the NYTRNG publications and by other newspapers, to determine the most successful approach for launching the campaign.

HCP’s design team subsequently designed a unique series of promotional products that allow the client to track specific deals, marketed to specific potential user groups, emphasizing the benefits and features of the newspaper subscriptions most enticing to the prospective readers. Mediums for the campaign included direct mail, leave behind sales pieces, inserts, door hangers, emailers, web banners and landing pages.

Senior Research Manager, Sarah Lindemuth commented, “The targeted regions represent residents who value a strong sense of community. Whether snowbirds or permanent residents, we needed to develop content for the pieces that not only appealed to their wallets but also to their desire to keep up with their community.”

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