Heather McHugh

HCP Associates’ Manager of Client Services Promoted to Director

TAMPA, Fla. (Sept. 27, 2019)- HCP’s Managing Partner Sean Coniglio announced today the promotion of Heather McHugh from Manager of Client Services to Director.

“With five years of excellent client service and daily support of HCP’s diverse clientele, it’s our sincere pleasure to promote Heather to the Director of Client Services; she has earned the title and new responsibilities and continues to serve as a shining example and leader for all of our team members,” said Coniglio.

As Director of Client Services, McHugh will continue to oversee the client engagement teams for numerous companies and organizations in a variety of different markets, handling everything from advertising and marketing to event management and experiential communications. She will now direct and coordinate assignments between HCP’s three service divisions: Research, Strategy, and Marketing. McHugh also supervises annual media planning, creative planning, and strategic planning with guidance from HCP’s Senior leadership.

HCP’s Managing Partner Eric Polins said, “McHugh manages client budgets and oversees the execution of various marketing tactics developed by HCP. Her energy, commitment and enthusiastic ‘can-do’ personality has driven her work ethic which continues to bring success to our clients and the firm.”

McHugh, a native of Charleston, West Virginia, is an alumnus from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Business Administration. After graduation, she traveled the world before settling in Los Angeles to follow a career in entertainment. After her time on the west coast, she decided to continue her education and moved to Tampa, where she earned her BFA from The University of South Florida.

“I’m looking forward to assisting in the achievement of our clients’ goals and directives as I move into this leadership role. As our team continues to expand, HCP is consistently discovering new ways to advance our clients’ presence and I’m thrilled to facilitate this strategic process, which will help them achieve continuous success,” said McHugh.

With her vast experience of studying and comprehending human emotions through art and her education in market research, McHugh brings a broad perspective of both creative and technical to HCP’s clientele and overall mission of streamlining research, strategy and marketing capabilities.

Outside of work, McHugh enjoys being outdoors and taking part in triathlons and half marathons. She also enjoys spending time with her boyfriend of 17 years, Andrew and their five rescued cats.

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