HCP Associates Presents Findings from the Hillsborough County Citizen Survey

HCP Associates Presents Findings from the Hillsborough County Citizen Survey

TAMPA, Fla. (Aug. 27, 2019) – HCP Associates recently presented the results of the 2019 Hillsborough County Citizen Survey to the Board of the County Commissioners. Hillsborough County wanted to disseminate a survey to gain insights into how citizens value different aspects of their lives.

Hillsborough County engaged HCP Associates to develop telephonic and online surveys that would be statistically representative, welcoming all citizen feedback.

HCP Associates’ Vice President Robert Allen said, “Understanding how residents feel about their county government is important in the successful and healthy growth of a thriving community. The county believed that these findings would help them draw conclusions to make improvements and increase residents’ satisfaction.”

Hillsborough County is one of Florida’s 67 counties, located on the central, West Coast. It is Florida’s fourth most populated county, with 1,351,087 residents, according to the 2017 American Community Survey. The county was formed in 1834 and initially encompassed other counties; in 1911, the county established the boundaries that currently exist. Hillsborough is home to Port Tampa Bay, Historic Ybor City, two major league sports teams, an international airport and offers connectivity to award-winning beaches.

“The 2019 Hillsborough County Citizen Survey aimed to set baseline metrics for what people feel the county is succeeding with and to gain a pulse on how citizens feel about key topics that impact their quality of life. The results offer the county with generalized sentiments, key items of importance and factors that impact citizens’ lives. In addition, the study’s results provide all commissioners with valuable information into their constituents’ sentiments, Allen stated.

From utilizing different distribution platforms, HCP was able to track respondents’ methods of accessing the survey. By using a mixed channel distribution method, HCP can confirm that this level of engagement from the county to residents is found to be successful, effectively reaching all demographics.

Overall, residents’ satisfaction is very high, with 93% of the county feeling satisfied with their quality of life. The survey highlighted the largest expectation gaps, where citizens are expecting more to be done by the government, lie in the categories of support services and traffic/congestion.

HCP remains a pioneer in conducting meaningful research that both serves and strategically engages the community. As a leader in consulting and market research, HCP is proud to guide the county in understanding and evaluating citizens’ sentiments in order to continue to thrive and advance into the future.

For more information regarding the Hillsborough County Citizen Survey, please visit https://bit.ly/31UtbK6.