Allyson Russo recently earned the Eff certification

HCP Associate Earns Eff Certification

(July 29, 2019) – Allyson Russo, HCP Associate’s Integrated Media Manager, recently earned the Eff certification through the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) in association with 4A’s Foundation. The Eff test certificate recognizes successful completion of coursework aimed at providing professionals with a solid grounding in understanding and measuring advertising effectiveness. The online course enables individuals to develop a more forensic critical thinking approach to the evaluation of campaigns.

The Eff test certificate consists of 35 hours of online learning delivered across 13 modules. The course allows individuals to learn how to utilize tools to measure multi-platform activity, from digital and promotional sponsorship to CRM and DM activity. Additionally, the course teaches industry professionals how to create measurement programs that enable them to confidently and accurately analyze the impact or effect of any campaign.

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