HCP Research Reveals Large Gap in Bradenton/Sarasota Primary Care Physician Coverage

Bradenton, Fla. (November 1, 2012) When Health Park East, a family medical complex, home to various health care providers engaged HCP in early June 2012 to perform an analysis of its connected zip codes, it revealed that 28 primary care doctors are doing the work normally handled by 76.

According to Intellimed, a national company that provides progressive data and support to the healthcare industry, the national average of primary care doctors is one family doctor for every 2,112 people and one internal medicine doctor for every 3,166 people.

HCP conducted the study in an area with a population of over 93,000 people, comprised of zip codes 34203, 34208, 34211 and 34243. According to the research, the shortage of primary care physicians is less acute in the broader region and most acute in an area about five miles from 50th Street and SR 70 in Bradenton. This apparently represents a seriously underserved need for the types of physician people rely on most. Primary care physicians are at the center of patient care, coordinating specialists, diagnostics and prescription medications, among other care related requirements.

James Doulgeris, Senior Research Strategist for HCP said, “A 63% shortfall in primary care physicians for a population of almost 100,000 in a major metropolitan area is a real concern; particularly for the people in the center of the study area. Statistically, they are older than the regional average.”

The study also found that there are only two orthopedic surgeons when the area should have up to eight and there are no cardiologists, neurologists or ear nose and throat doctors. Typically there would be at least 15 of each in this region. There is only one urologist and one physical rehabilitation doctor among eight other core specialties, leaving fields such as hematology, oncology and endocrinology, which treat chronic conditions, common to the elderly, vacant.

Jody Baden, Health Park East’s Managing Partner said, “We commissioned this study to identify how we can best serve the health care needs of our community. Our family has tried to play an important role in building the Sarasota Bradenton area for many years and we want to continue that support and healthy growth. It has been good to us, and we believe the best way to show our appreciation is to give back by keeping our friends and neighbors in good health.”

Health Park East is currently in the rebranding process with HCP and will be repurposed as a multi-disciplinary primary and family care medical campus. It is currently supporting an HCA urgent care facility, LabCorp, the Baden Healthy Living Institute and a 10,000 square foot physical therapy and rehabilitation center with a large indoor swimming pool.  The center is located on the border of Sarasota and Manatee counties at 6040 53rd Avenue on SR 70, 1.5 miles west of I-75 in East Bradenton.

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