HCP Launches Quota Maker™ Mobile Application for KappaEast Management Consultants

Wayne, N.J. (November 10, 2012) HCP was retained in the summer of 2012 to produce a mobile application called Quota Maker™ for a December rollout for the Android and Apple mobile markets.

Quota Maker™, developed by KappaEast Founder Harvey Hendler, is the first sales productivity mobile app featuring a proven approach to achieving consistent and reliable sales results.

Harvey Hendler, Managing Partner of KappaEast, said, “Quota Maker enables you to create a few simple metrics that keep you on track building a funnel that will make quota quarter after quarter – building a sales engine. The result is greater visibility and fewer end-of-quarter fire drills. We are very happy to launch this invaluable tool in response to our clients’ requests and for enterprise sales professionals worldwide.”

Eric Polins, Senior Strategist/Partner at HCP, said, “We love developing mobile applications for both platforms and are having a strong marketing ROI for our clients. These very effective and mobile tools are helping our clients stay two steps ahead of their competition.”

The Quota Maker app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices as a free download that includes simple and easy to understand instructions, definitions and a library of five tutorial videos.  To download today, go to www.kappaeast.com, the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play for Android.

To learn more about HCP and their mobile application development services, call 813-318-0565 or email epolins@hcpassociates.com.

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