HCP Develops Digital Branding and Strategy for National Workers’ Comp Carrier

BRADENTON, Fla. (October 16, 2020) –  SUNZ Insurance has been a provider of workers’ compensation insurance for large companies, PEOs, staffing companies, and transportation providers since 2005. Going into its 15th year in business, the nationwide company refreshed its digital brand strategy to reach its large audience and convey the benefits of working with the company.  

As part of this refresh, HCP developed the new digital brand platform, “Feel the Power of SUNZ,” to show how the company is always creating positivity among its customers, prospects, industry professionals, and its internal team. Along with the new brand, HCP has helped to create a strategic plan that would drive awareness and engagement through a corporate marketing and communications strategy. It’s geared towards industry leaders and will also aid in internal corporate communications to further reinforce an energized corporate culture using traditional and digital technology platforms to deliver the message.  

We’ve had a decadelong relationship and are very proud to be part of the continued growth and development of SUNZ Insurance, said Sean Coniglio, Managing Partner with HCP 

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, the strategy shifted away from traditional in-person trade conference marketing to virtual online communications through increased directtomarket digital strategy while improving the ability to deliver services remotely.  

To continue to promote the growth of the company, HCP also developed a proactive communications plan to share the company’s progression – despite the pandemic – through local media relations and national press releases.