HCP Associates’s Reports Show Trust & Confidence in Pinellas County Government Reach a Historical High

CLEARWATER, Fla. (July 11, 2016) HCP recently completed and presented findings from Pinellas County’s annual citizen survey. This was the sixth year HCP has conducted a citizen study for the county, and results were the most positive yet.

HCP Senior Research Director Sarah Lindemuth said, “The purpose of the annual citizen survey is to provide the County with quantitative citizen feedback so that it may deliver evidence-based service in response to strongest citizen need. Topics covered include likelihood of recommendation, quality of life, delivery against expectation, and trust and confidence in Pinellas County government.”

Last month, Lindemuth presented findings from the 2016 citizen survey to the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). In keeping with past years, a telephonic methodology was used, with a representative sample of the Pinellas County population.

Trending revealed significant improvements in quality of life ratings; higher levels of recommendation for living, working, raising children and retiring in Pinellas County; and a notable increase in trust and confidence in Pinellas government.

Commissioners and county staff, alike, were pleased by the findings. County Administrator Mark Woodard commented, “This marks the year that we have seen the most improvement in those measurements – virtually across the board.”

It should be noted however, that trust and confidence improvements were not enjoyed nationwide. A comparison of Pinellas citizen local government trust and confidence versus a national benchmark registers a clear advantage for Pinellas. While 91% of Pinellas citizens indicated trust and confidence for their local government, only 70% of citizens nationwide reported trust and confidence for their respective local governments.

“I think this is a very tangible reflection of the strong leadership and shared values of not only us as County Commissioners, but of Mark [Woodard] and the staff that [he has] put together that are carrying out the directives and policies that we set forth,” said Commissioner Janet Long.

Overall, the study has progressed since inception in 2011, to allow for broader scope and greater depth of questions. These developments have been positive for the usability of results, allowing for HCP to collaborate with Pinellas County leadership and with various departments to help represent and echo the citizen perspective.

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