Call to all artist, HCP is looking for talented chalk artist for our in office mural project

HCP Associates Announces “Call to Artists” for Art Mural Program

Tampa, Fla. – (August 18, 2016) – In continuing their 30-year celebration of research, strategy and marketing, HCP Associates recently renovated their headquarters in the Port Tampa Bay building and are debuting the HCP Art Mural Program that will feature three local artists each year on a large wall inside their offices.

Each of the three murals will focus on a theme, and the chosen artist will have a blank chalkboard canvas (wall) measuring roughly 10’ x 20’. The finished mural and artist will be photographed and published in an online gallery. HCP’s vision is to eventually produce enough content to create a coffee table book.

Eric Polins, HCP’s Senior Brand Strategist/Partner said, “It was time for us to create an environment that represented who we are on the inside; we are ambassadors of Tampa Bay and are very involved in our community. What better than to create an Art Mural Program that allows our local artists to create something engaging for all of our staff, vendors and clients to enjoy?”

Artists can register for the program through an online form. Once there, they can read about the program schedule, guidelines and upload design samples for consideration. An internal design committee at HCP will select the artists and themes.

The first artist will be featured from October through December of 2016 and the theme is the “Election”. Other upcoming themes discussed included communication, diversity, love, freedom, ethics, community and a number of other interesting themes that allow freedom of expression. Artists will also have the opportunity to suggest themes through the website.

“Another reason we wanted to initiate this program was to create an opportunity for local artists to share their talent and gain publicity. Tampa is constantly changing but the art scene here still lags behind. We would love to see an ‘unknown’ artist emerge from the program through our grass roots connections and traditional public relations,” Polins said.

For more information on HCP’s Art Mural Program, please visit to fill out the application form.