HCP Associates Produces Video at FCCMA’s Annual Meeting

ORLANDO, Fla. (July 1, 2016) During the Florida City and County Management Association’s (FCCMA) annual conference, between sessions and presentations, tenured managers prepared for their close-ups and shared their professional stories on film with HCP.

The FCCMA is a professional organization of practicing city and county managers from throughout Florida local governments. The Association was chartered in 1946 as a non-profit corporation to elevate professionalism among the state’s 478 cities and counties, and to promote the council-manager form of government as the form that advances the highest ethical and professional standards.

A membership organization, the FCCMA offers its base access to training, job listings, continuing education resources, webinars, seminars and beyond. In 2014 the organization launched its Professional Management Matters (PMM) campaign in order to articulate the role of a professional manager in local government.

Each summer, the organization holds its flagship event, their annual conference. City and county managers from across the state meet in Orlando for engaging discussions and speeches. HCP recommended this was an opportune time to capture video vignettes of these professionals for use in a member recruitment video that further amplified the PMM message.

HCP’s Senior Business Strategist/Partner Sean Coniglio said, “The lack of available testimonials and stories behind the men and women who serve as public officials is important because a large majority of citizens don’t understand what’s involved in having a professional manager who has an advance degree and has committed themselves to public service. These men and women are not politicians seeking office, they decided to earn an advanced degree and make this a career like anyone in the private sector. We felt the stories were powerful and we are going to capture and share through the use of the internet and throughout the state at city and county public service meetings.’”

HCP’s team members traveled to Orlando with questions in-hand and captured the stories of eight high-profile managers. Managers shared their tenure, how they got their started, why it is so important for them to engage with an organization like the FCCMA, and what messages they would like to pass along.

For information on joining the FCCMA, visit www.fccma.org.