HCP Associates Releases 3rd Community Values Survey for the City of Tampa

Downtown Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. (November 10, 2022)— HCP Associates recently completed a community study for local government: the Third Annual Community Values Survey for the City of Tampa. 

HCP established the baseline study in 2020 to obtain statistically valid information reflective of Tampa’s diverse demographics and communities. This research delved into several topics including citizen satisfaction and expectations, transportation, housing affordability, and sustainability and resiliency. 

“The last few years have brought a great deal of change to the City of Tampa and the country, as a whole,” said Robert Allen, Vice President at HCP Associates. “This study provided important insights into the growing and changing population of the City of Tampa.” Allen added, “the results further show that affordable housing is a priority for residents of Tampa. Yet, citizens remain to have a great deal of trust and confidence in the city’s leadership to solve issues.” These findings continue to illustrate the importance of regularly benchmarking residents’ perceptions on a broad set of themes. 

These insights provided by HCP’s research help guide the administration’s strategic decision-making process and future public outreach. It will also recommend where residents believe improvement should occur and gauge how satisfied they are living in Tampa. 

“The City’s administration can take pride in these results, which show that residents continue to perceive the City’s government as very trustworthy and competent,” said Sean Coniglio, Managing Partner at HCP Associates.