HCP Associates Concludes Recycling Consultation for the City of Glendale, Arizona

TAMPA, Fla. (October 15, 2020) – The City of Glendale, Arizona, located near Phoenix, concluded their engagement with HCP Associates on creating a survey to guide the future of the City’s recycling program.

Recycling as an industry has been challenged by a constellation of problems that have rendered it a costly, inefficient process. Cities across the United States have resorted to landfilling or incinerating their waste materials since China banned the import of waste plastics in 2018.

“Our work in both Arizona and Florida is illustrative of the nationwide challenges facing the industry,” said HCP’s Vice President Robert Allen. “Each community has its own cost-benefit calculation to be weighed; representative information is essential to that public input process.”

HCP met with Glendale officials to understand the specific challenges facing the community and to understand the proposed policies under consideration. Following those initial consultations, HCP created a report and questionnaire for use by the City.

The results from the survey will be used to understand what residents’ perceptions about recycling are and help to guide policymakers’ decisions on whether to spend additional taxpayer dollars to continue the program as-is or to consider modifications in services.