HCP Associates Completes Resident Perception Survey for Visit St. Pete Clearwater

Clearwater, Fla. (August 16, 2023)In alignment with a comprehensive strategic plan developed in collaboration with Pinellas County, HCP Associates released the 2023 iteration of the Resident Perception Survey today on behalf of Visit St. Pete Clearwater (VSPC). This survey is a vital part of the larger initiative to gauge the community’s long-term views on the impacts of tourism, especially considering its significant role in the economy of the Tampa Bay region.

The survey was conducted telephonically among 1,300 Pinellas County residents. The questionnaire provided in-depth insights into residents’ sentiments towards tourism, its benefits, and its challenges. These findings will serve as a crucial data set that complements VSPC’s new campaign, “From Visitors, with Love,” aimed at underlining the value and benefits that tourism brings to the local community.

Robert Allen, HCP’s Vice President and the project’s lead, remarked, “In collaboration with Visit St. Pete Clearwater, we are pleased to provide invaluable data that will not only guide the future of tourism in Pinellas County but also enrich the community’s understanding of its impact. Our findings correlate well with VSPC’s new campaign, underlining the mutual goal of illustrating that tourism is a value-added proposition for the county.”

More information on the strategic plan, the study, and VSPC’s “From Visitors, with Love” campaign will be available soon on visitstpeteclearwater.com.