HCP Associates Completes PSTA’s 2023 Community Sentiment Study

St. Petersburg, Fla. (Aug 10 2023)HCP Associates announces the official completion of a Community Sentiment Study on behalf of the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA). As the transit authority for Pinellas County, PSTA aimed to measure public sentiments regarding the services they provide the community, in addition to their continued efforts to reduce traffic congestion. The survey’s topline findings have enabled board members and public officials to make informed decisions about changes to service and improvements that could benefit the area’s public transportation infrastructure—a concern that many Bay Area residents frequently cite when suggesting enhancements to their cities.

HCP employed a telephonic survey approach, questioning a sample of 1,000 Pinellas County residents through a series of 19 questions. These questions were designed to measure enthusiasm, awareness, and perceptions of PSTA’s services within the county. Specifically, questions gauged respondents’ perceptions—on a defined scale—of the authority’s impact and quality of service in the community. Responses were cross-referenced with respondent demographics to ensure a statistically valid and detailed representation of sentiments across different community segments.

HCP’s in-house Research Analyst, Jack Smith, stated, “It was a privilege to produce data-driven findings that bring the community’s thoughts and voices to the attention of the organizations responsible for the invaluable public services that affect their daily lives. I hope that the insights gained from this study will continue to improve the reach and quality of PSTA’s services and set an example for other transit agencies elsewhere.”

The Study’s findings will be made available soon on PSTA.net.