Further Evidence of the Vitality of Small Business

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – (July 17, 2012) – Many organizations regularly emphasize the impact of small business on the revival of the state’s economy, but it is less widely understood how small businesses are faring in the current state. A recent study conducted by The Florida Chamber’s Small Business Council, an advocate for small business in Florida, provides insight into this very topic.

The Quarter Three Small Business Index Survey was conducted during June 2012 and received 807 unique responses from small businesses in Florida. The survey’s goal was to identify any trends and issues that could impact small businesses—especially issues that were addressable by the Council.

Data revealed favorable findings, regarding small businesses’ plans to make new hires, and their general sense of the state of their businesses. According to the study, more employers plan to hire within the next six months (31%), and statistically fewer plan to lay off employees (4%), compared to last year’s study. There was an increase in the last year, in respondents who believe their business is doing better or much better than it was six months ago (37%).

The results of the study send a clear message: small businesses are planning to hire more employees than last year and are more content with how well their business is performing. HCP Senior Research Manager Sarah Lindemuth added, “Greater confidence in business performance, expanding talent growth, and the decrease in unemployment collectively suggest good things to come for small businesses in Florida, in the near future.”

For more information on The Florida Chamber’s Small Business Council, or the quarter three study, please visit their website, www.flchamber.com.

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