Caribbean Candy Company Expresses Interest in US Markets

Tampa, FL – (May 13, 2009) – Over 65 years ago, Diana Candy established itself as one of the finest candy producers in the Caribbean. Recently, the international company based in Trinidad & Tobago has engaged HCP & Associates to build a stronger US presence.

HCP & Associates will be conducting secondary research of US markets to target the metropolitan regions that are best suited for the expanded launch of their various product lines. Once targeted, core niches within these regions will be identified for distribution of the product to small groceries and convenience stores. Companies included in this roster will together become a sales database for the company.

HCP will also be involved with the tactical recommendations related to offering the candy lines to new businesses and consumers internationally. Currently, distribution, shipping and brokerage channels to gain US placement are being researched as well as alternative options involving ecommerce opportunities.

On behalf of the candy company, HCP will also be attending confectionary trade shows to boost the brand’s awareness and US connections.

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