Air Masters Engages HCP for Business Snapshot

TAMPA, Fla. (February 14, 2014) Tampa-based HVAC company Air Masters has called upon HCP to complete a Business Snapshot Analysis of their current business, with a special focus on an evaluation of the Tampa Bay Area and how they currently attract and retain customers.

Air Masters offers new air conditioning and heating installations as well as preventative maintenance programs to its residential and commercial customers located throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

The company recently celebrated its 30th anniversary—a significant landmark for any business. Reaching this point in the company’s growth and development made leadership reflect back on its operations and expenditures. In recent years, the company has been fielding inquiries from many different advertising mediums and while it has seen positive returns from some, they would like to have a third-party do more extensive vetting of their options and provide recommendations to help positively position them for the future.

HCP will launch into the Business Snapshot process, which will be completed over a series of 60 days, during which the company’s research team will conduct management and staff interviews, survey customers, evaluate competitors, and coordinate with various publications and advertising mediums to collect data that will reveal the company’s best opportunity for seeing a rationalized return on investment (ROI).

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