World Cup Fever Spurs Local Club To Go To Scotland

TAMPA, Fla. (June 25, 2014) With Team USA going head-to-head with Germany tomorrow, you can bet all the young players at FC Tampa Rangers will be on the edge of their seats watching! The club is a part of the Athletic Club of Tampa, a non-profit youth sports organization.

Tampa-based father, coach and businessman Sean Coniglio has embarked on a quest to travel abroad to see the history of soccer in Scotland with 21 FC Tampa Ranger players and 35 family members. Coniglio, a former college and semi-pro player himself, decided to spearhead the trip with the players to experience the heart of traditional futbol.

In 2010, Coniglio helped to form FC Tampa Rangers which is part of Athletic Club of Tampa, a non-profit youth sports organization. During that time the organization has grown to include over 400 youth members and includes recreational and competitive soccer, which is based in north Tampa or Lutz, Florida.

Michael Connell, Club Manager/DOC said, “The Club has done a tremendous job of developing players and creating a club-like culture and atmosphere for the players. This trip is an opportunity to become ambassadors of the game and provide an experience these players will take with them for the rest of their lives. It will transform them and give them a global understanding of how traditional soccer connects the world.”

The group is leaving in August for a 10-day tour to train with top level elite academy coaches, play three matches against local clubs, tour the famous Ibrox stadium and attend a professional match between the Rangers FC and Hearts FC. In addition, they will learn about the history of soccer in Scotland, visit the capital city of Edinburgh.

Coniglio said, “All the players and families have been working extremely hard to raise money to help offset the cost.  They set up a Facebook page and have been posting pictures of activities taking place and will do so through the entire trip so family, friends and members of the Rangers Club can follow all activities. There is even talk of a documentary being done of the trip with a local production company.”

For sponsorship opportunities or more information, contact Sean Coniglio at 813-240-4606, e-mail him at or visit

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