The Virginia Alternative & Renewable Energy Association (VA-AREA), Turns to HCP & Associates for Brand Platform

Richmond, VA (February 19, 2009) – Organized just last year, VA-AREA hired HCP & Associates due to their years of experience in the renewable energy industry. HCP created their brand platform, corporate identity and Internet presence. Strategic planning will begin in early March.

Keeping their eco-friendly goals in mind, HCP & Associates planted a seed for the company with the creation of a brand platform. This included assistance in developing their mission statement, revising their goals and objectives, creating a Web site, and a new logo. The logo was strategically designed to showcase the prominent renewable energy sources that VA-AREA utilizes such as solar, wind, waste, nuclear, and tidal energy.

VA-AREA aims to promote the development, commercialization, and use of these renewable energy sources in order to improve the Commonwealth of Virginia’s economy, environment, and sustainability, as well as meet their growing energy demands.

As the association continues to grow, HCP & Associates will continue to provide ongoing support for the Web site and concentrate on member benefits.

To learn more about VA-AREA and their efforts, please visit

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