Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union Dale Shumacher, named Tampa’s Small Business Leader of the Year

Tampa, FL (October 5, 2005) – Dale Shumacher, CEO of the widely successful Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union, was named Tampa’s Small Business Leader of the Year on September 16, 2005. Shumacher is a two time nominee of the award and he displayed grace and appreciation during the ceremony in thanking TBFCU for “making him look so good everyday”. Appropriately enough, TBFCU came up as a semi-finalist in the Small Business of the Year Award Category. During a recent tour TBFCU’s Ybor Heights Location, employees from different parts of the company spoke on behalf of the nominee; saying that Shumacher has impacted their lives both professionally and personally. Those comments rang true again during the September 16th ceremony. HCP & Associates recently re-branded the company with a new position and logo. The new Tampa Bay Federal corporate identity may be viewed at: www.tampabayfcu.org.