“My MacDill” Community Pride Campaign Takes Off!

TAMPA, Fla. (April 16, 2015) Tampa Bay Defense Alliance (TBDA), President John Schueler and former MacDill AFB Commander Brig. Gen. Chip Diehl (USAF, Ret) announced today the launch of a broad community-based challenge titled “My MacDill” to spark an exciting “Support Rally” to celebrate MacDill Air Force Base’s 75 years of service.

“We hope in the period from April 16 to September 18, 2015 (the Air Force’s Birthday) to capture thousands of Tampa Bay residents and their stories, photos, and videos through social media; and of course their “likes”! We have been very busy over the past three months capturing personal ‘My MacDill’ stories from Tampa Bay Community Leaders ranging from sports teams, small businesses, local government and just about every type of organization you can imagine. Their unique stories and tributes are amazing, but we are even more anxious to see the all of Tampa Bay’s stories,” Schueler said.

TBDA engaged Tampa-based marketing veterans at HCP Associates in mid-2014 to drive the campaign. Eric Polins, Senior Strategist/Partner at HCP Associates said, “The Campaign will open arms across the Tampa Bay area and welcome My MacDill tributes from residents, active duty, veterans, contractors, corporations, sports figures, schools, neighborhoods, and anyone else woven into the fiber of our great base and community. By liking MyMacDill.com and sharing your experiences, you will officially be “Taking the Oath”, sharing your pride you’re your unique connection to one of Tampa Bay’s greatest assets, MacDill AFB.”

There are several dates surrounding the history of MacDill AFB and according to Tampa Bay History archives, official records report an establishment date of 24 May 1939, construction began 6 September 1939, date of beneficial occupancy 11 March 1940 and formal dedication 16 April 1941. It was named in honor of Colonel Leslie MacDill (1889–1938). MacDill was a World War I aviator killed in a crash of his North American BC-1 on 8 November 1938. The My MacDill Community Pride Campaign will continue the early celebration and plans on a very unique dedication to honor the official naming of the base in April 2016 in tandem with MacDill AFB, Schueler added.

General Diehl said, “My MacDill” is our Challenge Campaign – Tell your “My MacDill” story and challenge others by saying “That’s My MacDill; what’s Your MacDill?” This is our chance to not only be thankful to all our service men and women but to showcase our spirit that is MacDill. We all know members of our military – in our neighborhoods, schools and at work – saluting their courage for protecting our freedoms is something we can all do easily. They do so much for us… so let’s join forces, launch the fleet and show MacDill our pride!”

For more information visit www.MyMacDill.Com

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