May 20, 2011 – HCP & Associates Awarded the 2011 Communitas Award

TAMPA, Fla. – (May 20, 2011) – HCP & Associates was awarded the 2011 Communitas Award in the Pro Bono Category, for their work with the Gasparilla International Film Festival on April 22, 2011. The Communitas Award recognizes exceptional businesses and organizations that offer time and resources to benefit their community. Eric Polins, Senior Creative Partner at HCP & Associates, volunteered his time to serve as President of the Gasparilla International Film Festival (GIFF) throughout the past year. Additionally, HCP dedicated its resources and financial benefits in support of GIFF.

“It was an amazing experience,” said Polins. “No matter how much time I spent, along with the board and team of stellar volunteers, working to pull-off this year’s event, in the end it was definitely worth it. The Tampa Bay community needs to continue to support fine arts, and the Gasparilla International Film Festival definitely helps fill that role”

This year was the fifth year anniversary for GIFF – a landmark year for any non-profit organization.

“This year was all about exposing GIFF to the public,” said Polins. “We wanted everyone to have access to the stars and let the community know, GIFF is here to stay!”

The Communitas Award, named after the Latin word meaning people coming together for the good of the community, is awarded annually to recognize specific programs involving volunteerism, philanthropy or ethical, sustainable business practices.

While HCP & Associates was awarded the Communitas Award for GIFF, the company donates many hours and financial resources to furthering the development of the Greater Tampa Bay community. Believing in the gift of giving, HCP is dedicated toward aiding in the development of the Greater Tampa Bay Community; each of HCP’s senior members volunteers in various organizations throughout the city.

HCP & Associates is a full-service, marketing consulting company specializing in brand management and marketing strategy. Using market research, planning, creative development and implementation, they work with companies to develop comprehensive marketing strategies focused on increasing market share.

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