July 1, 2011 – HCP Senior Strategist Selected as 2011 Leadership Florida Regional Council Member

TAMPA, Fla. (July 1, 2011) – HCP & Associates Senior Strategist/Partner Eric Polins, a Leadership Florida XXVIII graduate was recently nominated and voted onto the West Central Regional Council.

Created in 1982 by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Florida builds a sense of statewide community by identifying and training individuals with the passion and commitment to help make great things happen. Leadership Florida is the only organization that takes a statewide view of the conditions and challenges that face our great state. Leadership Florida offers a leadership continuum that expands the impact of community leaders across the state.

The individual contributions of over 800 Florida leaders is multiplied by their collective strength and enhanced by the distinct and diverse nature of the regions of Florida in which they reside. The members of Leadership Florida are dedicated not only to their local communities, but to their statewide community. From its active regional alumni groups, to its broad committee structure that encourages long-term involvement by all of its members, Leadership Florida is a unique and dynamic program designed to promote statewide leadership. While, Leadership programs exist in many other states, none rivals Leadership Florida’s ambitious offerings for multiple levels of leadership identification and training. Florida is comprised of diverse cultures and ideas that wash in with the tide of new “Floridians” each year.

Transplantation and transience from all across the nation and the world have defined Florida from the beginning. While this diversity creates a tumultuous environment full of challenges and opportunities, it is also the source of this state’s leadership and its strength.

Knowledge is a key element of leadership, and each program is designed to enhance understanding about issues critical to Florida. Leadership Florida is about making friends that can be counted on to put the interests of Florida first.

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