HCP Selected to Develop Plan for Florida City County Management Association’s Campaign: Life, Well Run

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (April 15, 2014) HCP recently presented its recommendations for an upcoming statewide plan to a leadership committee of Florida City County Management Association (FCCMA) members.

The FCCMA is the Florida chapter of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). The organization was established to elevate professionalism among the state’s cities and counties, and to promote the council-manager form of government as the form that advances the highest ethical and professional standards.

In 2012, the ICMA developed a campaign entitled Life, Well Run. This campaign was established to clearly articulate and disseminate the value-added proposition of a city/county professional manager. The ICMA developed videos, scripts, talking points, advertising templates and an array of messages, and made them available to the state chapters for use, customization and distribution.

The FCCMA committee selected HCP to develop a plan for disseminating the message throughout Florida’s 67 counties and over 400 cities.

HCP reviewed campaign materials, case studies in other states and studies conducted on the profession to propose the selection of a group of ambassadors who will work in their region of the state to coordinate the campaign. The ambassadors will conduct speaking engagements, communicate with media outlets, make university presentations and attend association events on behalf of Florida’s Life, Well Run campaign. The firm also developed a “region by region” plan based upon markets where a council-management form of government exists.

The Florida leg of the Life, Well Run campaign will be announced at the May conference, at which time the organization will begin seeking ambassadors.

To keep up with Florida’s Life, Well Run campaign, visit the FCCMA website at http://fccma.org.

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