HCP Research Studied Personal Growth & Development Needs within Downtown Tampa

TAMPA, FL (April 5, 2012) A taskforce of Downtown leaders representing local businesses, civic organizations, faith communities, and non-profit charitable organizations, recently approached Tampa-based research, strategy and marketing firm, HCP to develop a study of the personal growth and development needs of individuals living and working within Downtown Tampa. There are still some unoccupied buildings within Downtown and the surrounding area for which the group was considering taking charge. One property under consideration was the First United Methodist Church on Florida Avenue, which closed in the summer of 2011, as a result of poor attendance.

HCP worked with the taskforce, and they collectively determined that the best first step in a decision to support those within Downtown was to understand the needs of those individuals frequenting the area—residents and workers. HCP developed an online survey that would help the group understand how it could best reach out to those living and working within Downtown. The HCP research team then worked with regional associations to distribute the questionnaire throughout Downtown Tampa and its surrounding areas.

In late March, HCP shared the results and recommendations with the taskforce, and reviewed a series of observations and recommendations, based upon the data. The taskforce is currently in the process of reviewing the recommendations and seeking feedback from executive leadership, to determine the next step in their effort to better minister to those in Downtown Tampa.

For more information on HCP, please visit www.hcpassociates.com.

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