HCP Completes Comprehensive Study of MOSI Stakeholders

TAMPA, Fla. (February 17, 2015) HCP recently completed a two-month engagement with MOSI, during which the firm conducted a series of primary and secondary research efforts. Findings were reported to the MOSI executive team this week.

HCP was engaged by MOSI in late 2014 to develop a plan for collecting stakeholder data to help position the organization for property in its 60th year. The plan took the shape of a phase of secondary research followed by primary studies.

During the initial phase, HCP reviewed third-party industry studies, analyzed activities by peer museums across the country, and refined attendance information for the museum.

The second phase included secret shopping visits by HCP researchers, online surveys of members, telephonic interviews with donors, during and post-visit monitoring of guests, and focus groups with employees.

Results were presented to MOSI in the form of observations revealed by the stakeholders, formatted into action items for implementation. In the following months, HCP will be working with the MOSI executive team to format a cross-functional team that will approach the recommendations to priorities, develop a plan for implementing and metrics for gauging success.

For more information on MOSI, please visit www.MOSI.org.

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