HCP Celebrates Diverse Brand with 30 Years of Positive Change in Higher Education

FAIRFAX, Va. (March 10, 2014) It was 10 years ago when HCP was chosen by Virginia-based publisher Cox, Matthews and Associates (CMA) to rebrand their 20-year-old magazine: Black Issues in Higher Education.

Since its founding in 1984, Black Issues in Higher Education (which is now Diverse) focused on the role and issues of African Americans in higher education. To accurately reflect the changing demographics, in 2004 CMA renamed the magazine Diverse: Issues In Higher Education at the recommendation of HCP Associates. This expanded their coverage to address the same issues, but with the needs of African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Disabled, Senior, L.G.B.T. and other underrepresented groups in higher education.

President/CEO and Co-founder William E. Cox, said, “As an HCP client for more than a decade, Diverse: Issues In Higher Education magazine has witnessed firsthand their unique branding, marketing and business growth capabilities. Their creativity, reliability and attention to detail are the hallmarks of their service and are evident in every communications initiative they undertake.”

With over a quarter century of experience covering education, Diverse is the only newsmagazine focusing on matters of access and opportunity for all in higher education. Its unparalleled coverage of such bread and butter issues as tenure, salary, faculty, student body, recruitment, retention and access and equity earned Diverse the prestigious Folio Award for best education publication in America.

HCP Senior Strategist and Partner Eric Polins said, “Diverse is one of America’s leading publications serving the higher education market; we evaluated the product, its market potential and the obstacles to its success. While our role has been omnipresent in the operations and content presentations on the web and in print, the biggest contribution was a highly controversial name change from its 20 year history as Black Issues in Higher Education. This transition has been extremely successful in sustaining its heritage while significantly expanding its penetration in all niche segments of the educational market. In its 10 years under the market designation, Diverse continues to add value to its mission statement, and lead the industry in an expanding target market.”

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