HCP & Associates to Introduce Exclusive, European Bath Oil to United States

Frankfurt, Germany (November 22, 2005) – Luxury Bath Wares. Inc. has hired HCP & Associates to assist in the marketing and ecommerce of their USA product launch of Olverum; a German bath oil product line renowned throughout Europe.

Made from valuable natural resources such as French lavender, Spanish eucalyptus, and Siberian spruce needle, Olverum has been produced in Germany since 1932 when it was known as Fruhmesner-Olverum, or more commonly ‘Early Mass Priest Bath Oil.’

For the first time ever, this fine product is now available directly to customers in the United States through Luxury Bath Wares, Inc. and Olverum USA.

To learn more about the product and for online ordering, visit their website at www.luxurybathwares.com.

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