HCP Associates’ Market Research Team Facilitates Restaurant Focus Group

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (November 10, 2017) In September, Stillwaters Tavern, a 2B Hospitality Restaurant on Beach Drive, launched a weekend brunch menu in response to customer demand. Chef Jeffrey Jew crafted a food and beverage menu marrying traditional favorites with his fusion flair. While still in the early stages of rollout, management looked to HCP Associates to capture feedback on the current offering and any needed improvents.

HCP’s market research team hosted a focus group with pre and post-test components to gather real-time insight from target guests. The research team drafted a pre-questionnaire that captured perceptions of the restaurant from those who had not previously dined, and feedback on prior visits from those who had. Eight participants were recruited and included a mixture of ages; half had visited the restaurant in the past and half had not. All were either “pre-qualified” as being residents of St. Petersburg or frequenters of St. Pete dining establishments.

The post-questionnaire captured feedback upon conclusion of the participants’ brunch experience and was followed by group discussion.

Senior Research Director Sarah Lindemuth led the focus group, “The discussion broached a variety of topics from the menu items, selection, pricing, ambiance, service, presentation, and overall branding of the restaurant. It was helpful for management to have something beyond a number rating to help them understand various areas of the dining experience noted as strengths as well as those areas where there is room for improvement.”

For more information on Stillwaters Tavern, visit www.stillwaterstavern.com.