HCP Associates Completes Culture Study for Local Tampa Charter School

LUTZ, Fla. (May 7, 2018) Lutz Preparatory School, a pre-prep through eighth grade charter school located in Hillsborough County, engaged HCP Associates for a second year to conduct a culture study.

The school’s mission is to provide a rigorous and differentiated learning experience in order to cultivate and inspire a community of life-long learners. In 2017, after celebrating five years, the school’s board of directors called for a culture study to set a plan in place for the next five years and beyond. HCP conducted a series of interviews with faculty, administration and the board to deliver benchmark findings in the spring of 2017.

This year, Lutz Prep again called upon HCP to repeat the study, this time fielding with an online survey—encouraging all to participate. HCP worked with a designated Lutz Prep Board Member to refine the questions to suit an online survey format. At a staff meeting, HCP presented to administrators, faculty and staff, sharing that the survey would be live for several weeks and imploring the staff to take a few minutes to participate. The study included a mixture of multiple choice as well as open-ended questions to enable participants the opportunity to provide examples to support their ratings, if they so desired.

The study closed with more than 50 percent participation by all invited. During analysis, multiple choice responses were tabulated and open-ended responses were categorized; key themes were extracted and shared at the April board meeting—areas of high accolades as well as most commonly named areas for improvement.

HCP Senior Research Director Sarah Lindemuth commented, “It is always encouraging to see year-over improvements. It was evident that new programs rolled out under the leadership of the board and administration have helped the school make major strides in achieving its mission and living its vision. The board has acknowledged areas of year-over improvement as well as new challenges, and is prepared to make changes that will give rise to benefits that can be enjoyed by all. The school has reason to celebrate with numerous accolades received by its students and teachers to date.”

For more information on Lutz Prep, please visit www.lutzprep.org.