HCP & Associates Builds New Online Brand for World’s Largest Seaplane Pilot’s Association

Lakeland, FL (April 1, 2008) HCP & Associates was retained by The Seaplane Pilot’s Association to begin a new era of pilots on the Internet. HCP will research the aviation market, seaplane pilots and various international federal, state and local representation dealing with seaplanes and use in order to develop an updated marketing arm on the Internet.

In 1972, a group of seaplane pilots formed a dedicated organization with a unique purpose – to protect the water flying rights of all seaplane pilots by minimizing restrictions and opening new waters. Today, the Seaplane Pilots Association and its thousands of members have come a long way. They are the world’s largest and most successful seaplane pilot organization, representing our members in dozens of seaplane access issues annually and providing numerous exclusive benefits. For more information visit their Web site at www.seaplanes.org.

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