HCP Associates and Digital Harvest team up and provide a customer research program for Pilgrim Software.

Tampa, FL (August 22, 2006) – Digital Harvest, an online marketing group partnered with HCP Associates to provide an online customer research program along with analyzing tabulated data. Jason Lexell, principal at Digital Harvest says, “The combination of using traditional research methodologies side by side with today’s technology allows us to streamline the process and provide not only accurate data but it gives us the ability to provide much quicker turn around and recommended improvements”.

Pilgrim Software is an industry-leading Enterprise Compliance and Quality Management solutions company providing fully Web-based solutions built on Microsoft’s advanced .NET platform and XML technology. They provide a global solution and have applications that are multi-language capable including universal date/time and other culture-sensitive options.

For more information on Digital Harvest, please visit their Web site at www.digitalharvestmedia.com or for Pilgrim Software go to www.pilgrimsoftware.com.

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