HCP Adds Veteran Health Care Executive to Lead Growing Sector

Tampa, FL – (September 27, 2011) – Eric Polins, Senior Strategist/Partner of HCP, a Tampa-based marketing firm, announced today that industry veteran health care executive, James Doulgeris, has joined the firm to lead the company’s growing health care consulting practice.

Polins commented, “Having worked with Jim in the medical device industry for a number of years, both as a former client and consultant, it was natural selection. He was at the top of our list. We look forward to many great things with Jim and know his experience and long lasting relationships in the industry will prove a great asset to our team.”

Doulgeris brings over 35 years of health care and biotechnology executive management expertise to HCP. He has served primarily as CEO, President, and on various boards for hospitals, ancillary providers, medical device manufacturers and health care service providers.

“We are filling a new and increasingly critical unmet need that health care providers, from hospitals to physicians to surgical and diagnostic systems, are struggling to fill – competing effectively.” Doulgeris said, “Reimbursement, regulatory and patient behavioral changes combined with new technologies that have made patient outcomes more predictable are forcing health care providers and medical device companies to market and position themselves in very unfamiliar territory.

We believe that we are uniquely equipped and experienced to provide the strategies and tactics that can deliver a decisive competitive advantage.”

In 1983, Doulgeris co-founded National Comtel Systems. Under his guidance, National Comtel Systems became one of the largest hospital contract management companies in the country. Later in his career, he worked as a CEO level crisis-management professional for a number of healthcare providers from hospitals to large physician practices and ancillary health care providers. More recently, Doulgeris co-founded and served as president and CEO through the growing years of both Orthopedic Development and MinSURG Corporations, biotechnology companies that successfully developed and marketed revolutionary surgical implants to alleviate chronic back pain for tens of thousands of patients.

Born inPittsburgh,Pa., Doulgeris spent his childhood inPennsylvania, where he received his undergraduate degree in Journalism and Communications. He went on to pursue post-graduate work in business administration after entering the professional world.

Doulgeris and his wife of 40 years have three adult children and reside inPalm Harbor,Fla. He is the co-author of the award-winning novel “The Dyodyne Experiment” and dozens of published articles and op-ed pieces on marketing and the future of the health care industry. Doulgeris also co-founded and serves on the board of directors of the Tampa Bay Opera, the company his daughter performs with as a dramatic soprano.

HCP is a national research, strategy and marketing firm headquartered inTampa,Florida. Since 1986, we have been helping companies develop and implement effective marketing and business growth strategies, based on industry, consumer and competitive research. Utilizing various strategic planning methodologies, we aid our clients in achieving long-term growth while enjoying short-term results. We specialize in all forms of research, strategic planning, marketing, public relations, customer retention, advertising, Web development, digital media and broadcasting.

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