AVG Selects HCP to Prospect Expanding US-Based Retailers

MONTERREY, Mexico (May 6, 2013) AVG, a point-of-purchase signage logistics company based out of Monterrey, Mexico, engaged HCP to launch into a sales prospecting process for the 18-year old company. At present, AVG offers signage manufacturing and installation outsourcing to various retailers as a subcontractor.

Heightened interest by US-based retailers in Latin American expansion—particularly Mexico and Brazil—place companies like AVG in a fortuitous position. AVG approached HCP for support in identifying and qualifying these expanding retailers.

The initial phase of this effort is to review its current clients to develop criteria to use in evaluating companies who are expanding in the designated regions, as true prospects. HCP will subsequently follow up with these companies to further vet them as solid leads.

Sean Coniglio, Senior Strategist/Partner said, “AVG has a long history in Latin America and they are actively monitoring those US retailers and brands who seek to expand in the region. It’s not an easy process and AVG understands this; we are in the primary fact finding stage, uncovering who is most likely going to need assistance in set and deployment of point of purchase materials within expanding retailers’ Latin America locations.”

The data provided will then be used by AVG senior sales team. For more information, visit http://avglogistic.com.mx/

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