VotePhil Gives a Punxsutawney Resident a Digital Platform

DEWITT, Mich. (March 2, 2021) Since 2009, the team at DENTCO have worked to shine a spotlight on a small, furry, and adorable celebrity weatherman. As the nation’s first exterior services management company, DENTCO basis its business on the ever-changing weather patterns across the globe. With snow removal serving as a key pillar of DENTCO’s yearly business, the team has grown attached to predictions of Punxsutawney Phil, the star groundhog behind Groundhog Day. If Phil sees his shadow, DENTCO knows to keep those snow plows gassed up and ready to go. When he doesn’t see his shadow, it means it is time to start thinking about spring landscaping and new planting! Twelve years ago, DENTCO took their love for Phil to new heights presenting the town of Punxsutawney a life-sized bronze sculpture which is now displayed in the town’s Weather Discovery Center. That year, DENTCO also introduced their VotePhil contest, displaying the contest information in New York City’s Time Square. Each year since, contest participants utilize weather data from across the county to vote on whether Phil will see his shadow. Those who vote correctly are entered to win a slew of fabulous prizes sponsored by DENTCO. Using an HCP designed and operated website, hundreds voted this year on Phil’s big day. Most of the country is already seeing the results, as this year Phil saw his shadow for the 106th time!