Client: TriCore
Industry: Administrative/Human Resources/Payroll


An Administrative Services Organization (ASO) was looking for a strategic method to separate their company from its competition in the market.


Consultations with the client revealed an opportunity to develop and brand an administrative payroll model to differentiate Tricore from its competition.

TriCore offers administrative services and benefits programs to small- and medium-sized companies. In early 2010, HCP began working with TriCore in a corporate consulting role. During the evaluation process of the company and the marketplace, it was evident that the value proposition was unique in how they could take advantage of health insurance premium commissions and apply them to the other administrative costs incurred for a typical business.

The company was committed to giving value for the commissions through administrative staff support, which lead to the recommendation by HCP to create a Payroll Cost Management (PCM) model and position TriCore as the nation’s first company offering PCM.

Upon solidification of the PCM model, HCP assisted TriCore in taking the next steps of sharing this program publicly. HCP worked with the client to complete a new website, brochure, collateral, and sales programs that reflected the PCM model and helped prospects to better understand the value of a partnership with TriCore.

While developing the new site, HCP recommended the inclusion of testimonials from some of TriCore’s clients to give added understanding of the role that the company could play. TriCore gathered some clients that HCP could contact on their behalf, and HCP reached out to these individuals; the goal of this outreach was to produce a document for each that would include: the client’s situation prior to partnering with TriCore, ways in which TriCore currently provides support, and how things have changed since their partnership began.

HCP continues to consult the management and sales teams, implementing lead generation programs and ensuring brand messaging stays consistent throughout all the mediums TriCore uses to communicate with existing and future clients. In addition, HCP provides social media and search engine marketing support to further expand the brand.