Top 10 ways we are helping our clients with COVID-19

Whether it’s a government entity or a small business, these are the top ways we are helping our clients communicate with their target audiences right now.

We are helping them…  

  1. Become an important resource for their specific audience and keeping the audience updated with resources, news, and positive information specific to them. Being a helpful resource at this time is the most important thing to do – we want to show they are sensitive to the situation but continuing to promote the business so that it stays functioning. 
  2. Change their messaging to focus on the 1-2 services that are helpful to their audience right now. 
  3. Write a letter on behalf of the company leadership to show how the company is responding, what its employees are doing, and any operational changes they have done.  
  4. Post positive messages on social media and on their websites. The key is for the message to be related to COVID-19 and be timely, thoughtful and tactical.  
  5. Find a way to contribute to the community and show goodwill using their resources that not everyone has access to – whether it’s toilet paper or a monetary donation. 
  6. Contribute/author helpful articles in trade publications or be a guest speaker on a podcast to show how the company can help their target audience and show them as a subject matter expert during these trying times. 
  7. Keep a pulse on local and national media so they can pivot at a moment’s notice, and change operations if needed and keep their audience updated. 
  8. Advertise the proper keywords on Google to boost only the promoted part of the business. 
  9. Boost and advertise the proper posts/links/keywords on social media to guide people to the web page with information on the promoted services. 
  10. Communicate with important and relevant information to the target audience through eblasts and tasteful graphics.