Tampa Bay Federal

Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union (TBFCU)

Client: Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union (TBFCU)
Industry: Banking/Brokerage/Insurance


The credit union was represented by a dated brand and a stagnant membership. Management was concerned about the organization’s direction and desired third-party insight from stakeholders, members, employees, and individuals within the community regarding future direction.


HCP collaborated with the executive team to conduct stakeholder research that resulted in a new credit union brand.

Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union is a mid-sized credit union, with approximately 35,000 members and eight branches in the Tampa Bay Area. HCP was initially engaged to perform a branding research exercise consisting of focus groups, member intercept studies, and internal stakeholder interviews, including the board of directors, management, and staff.

Through this process, coupled with secondary data collection and review among the credit union market nationally and locally, HCP made the recommendation to move forward with plans to rebrand the credit union.

The rebranding process took on many steps and involved user group testing to decide what is now the current name of the credit union. With the completion of the branding process, HCP turned to the implementation of the brand by presenting the final brand strategy to the board of directors, management, and staff. This included internal and external tactics to implement—signage of branch locations, all print collateral materials, a new website, and internal operational documents.

While the new brand was launched internally, HCP developed all external public relations and managed media buying activities to announce the new brand name to the marketplace.

In the years that followed, HCP continued to work closely with management on annual marketing plan development, member satisfaction studies, and brand saturation efforts. At the same time, HCP has been actively involved in the Tampa Bay Federal Foundation, which is a non-profit organization raising money for local charities in our community.