The Surgicalist Group Wraps National TV Segment “Behind the Scenes” with James Earl Jones

TAMPA, Fla. (Oct. 11, 2016) Longtime HCP client, The Surgicalist Group, recently completed filming several video interviews this month as part of a new series from Boca-based Insight Productions’ Behind the Scenes.

Hosted by esteemed actor, James Earl Jones, “Behind the Scenes” produces high quality programming to Public Television stations nationwide. This segment, scheduled to be released in late 2016, introduces viewers to some of the doctors who have embraced the surgicalist model and are working towards providing better outcomes for patients.

The Surgicalist Group’s founder Dr. Mit Desai was interviewed in the Boca-based studio while HCP’s affiliated film production company Gulf+Atlantic Films (GAF) crew interviewed and filmed veteran ER Dr. Laurence Martin in his Hudson, Florida offices.

“The standard paradigm, in most American Hospitals is that the ER call is covered by private practice or employed surgeons in the community that also have an elective practice,” said Desai.

With Behind the Scenes, Desai and his colleagues hope to address the challenges of having doctors with their own elective practice cover ER calls, and how the surgicalist model is working in conjunction so that those doctors are able to tend to their practice exclusively.

“You have four or five [surgeries] scheduled in a day, and on that day, if one emergency comes up, it can destroy your whole day and ruin a lot of people’s lives,” said Martin.

Thanks to the surgicalist model, Martin is able focus entirely on his practice without having to reschedule his elective surgeries because of ER emergencies.

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