Sunz Insurance

SUNZ Insurance

Client: SUNZ Insurance
Industry: Banking/Brokerage/Insurance


Following its new brand launch, SUNZ faced the challenge of identifying ways to boost awareness of the company and its customized approach to writing workers’ compensation policies.


HCP drew upon feature imagery within the newly published corporate collateral to establish a “mascot” for SUNZ Insurance, who would be present in customer touchpoints, at tradeshows, and on their website.

SUNZ Insurance Company was specifically established for Professional Employer Organizations, staffing companies, and large companies. HCP began working with SUNZ insurance in 2008 to build a brand platform and develop updated collateral utilizing the new brand.

In prior years, SUNZ had attended the annual NAPEO tradeshow and typically walked away with only a handful of leads and some pre-set dinner meetings with existing clients. In preparation for the 2010 NAPEO show, HCP worked with SUNZ to develop a more progressive approach that included pre-show communication, in-show activities, and post-show follow-ups.

The team coordinated pre-show communications with attendees, offering incentives to visit the SUNZ booth at the show for a giveaway. Additionally, the e-blasts teased that a surprising new member of the SUNZ team would be present at the show.

SUNZ’s new team member ended up being a friendly zebra. Before the show, HCP selected one of the images SUNZ used to explain its unique selling proposition—the zebra—to act as the company’s mascot for the show. Zebras all have a similar pattern but are all 100 percent unique. Similarly, policies may look very similar, but SUNZ Insurance has the expertise to write individualized solutions.

At the tradeshow, a man dressed in a zebra costume walked around and took pictures with attendees and even hit the resort watering hole. In addition to the SUNZ booth graphics, HCP set up a life-size zebra with a face cutout for additional photo-ops. This generated enormous buzz at the convention and SUNZ walked away with more than 150 leads.

After the show, HCP printed the attendee photos and had them framed—in a zebra frame, of course—that featured the SUNZ logo. All the frames were mailed to the respective attendees with additional information from SUNZ.

In concert with brand management, direct mail outreach, web presence maintenance, SEO, and public relations, the tradeshow activities have helped elevate recognition of SUNZ within the PEO industry and assert their out-of-the-box approach to policy underwriting.